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Concierge pelvic floor therapy and related services in the
comfort of your own home
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to Valerio Pelvic Health

a St. Louis-based practice specializing in

Illustration of a pregnant person's belly

Whole-person prenatal and postpartum care for birthing people of all genders

Queer and trans pelvic health and wellness

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Or, schedule a free discovery call to learn more about how we can help:

A young transgender man wearing a blue and white striped button-down shirt, seen in profile, from the shoulders up, holds a small baby in his arms. He looks lovingly at the baby, whose head rests on his shoulder, and rests his hand on baby's back.
A smiling transgender or nonbinary person
A pregnant Black woman holds up her young child. Both are smiling. The background is rural and out of focus, with warm sun back-lighting the woman and child
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