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Individual preparatory, preventative, and rehabilitative care

Gender-affirming, gender-neutral pregnant belly in profile, with blue background, green clothes, and the pregnant person's brown arms embracing their belly
Birthing Bodies

Prenatal and Postpartum care, including preparation for birth and treatment of common pregnancy and postpartum concerns, including:

  • Pain (e.g. pelvic, low back, or round ligament pain)

  • Incontinence (e.g. leaking when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or exercise)

  • Constipation

  • Sexual difficulties, including pain or difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Preparing for birth and the fourth trimester

  • Finding new ways to do the activities that are important to you


I am a Body Ready Method   certified Pro, which means that I have advanced training in assessment and treatment of the whole birthing person for greater readiness for birth, early postpartum, and beyond, including

  • Head-to-toe alignment

  • Upper body mobility

  • Pelvic floor function

  • Movement and positioning

  • Management of pain in pregnancy

  • Core strengthening and diastasis recti

  • Stress management

  • Breathing

Queer and Trans Pelvic Health and Wellness

It is a key tenet of the Valerio Pelvic Health mission to provide care that honors and celebrates LGBTQ+ members of the St. Louis community, with particular attention to the unique needs of trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse people. In addition to general pelvic floor  therapy and gender-affirming prenatal and postpartum care, I provide services which may be particularly beneficial to the trans and gender-diverse community, including:

  • Preparation for and recovery from gender-affirming procedures

  • Management of symptoms associated with hormone therapies

  • Management of symptoms sometimes associated with personal care practices such as binding or tucking

LGBTQ Inclusive Pride Flag, with stripes representing all queer people, trans people, and queer people of color

Growing Together

New Parent and Baby Program

  • 1 hour, once a week for 7 weeks

  • Occupational therapist-led

  • Parent and baby topics each week, including tummy time tips, introducing solids, maternal mental health, pelvic floor concerns, and safe return to exercise postpartum

  • Connect with other new parents and spark lasting friendships!

Join the list via our contact page or on Instagram @valeriopelvichealth

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